Dizziness and my ECG report results

I am 65 year old. I felt slightly unstable a couple of time during the day. Immediately got the  done. My readings are Rate 86; PR 140; QRSD 82;QT 396; QTC 474 AXIS P 69; QRS 6 T 4 Speed: 25 mm/sec  Limb: 10mm/mv and Chest: 10 mm/mv. The emergency doctor said it is Normal and my unsteady gait relates vertigo. Pl confirm his findings for my assurance. Thanks

The ECG reading explains nothing about your symptoms. While vertigo may be associated with a cardiac problem, this EKG doesn't prove anything. You need a doctor's consultation to evaluate your heart, your ears and possibly your brain as well as other causes.

An assessment for any serious underlying disorder requiring urgent treatment such as coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease.

Identifying the nature of the presenting symptom in terms of true vertigo, syncope (fainting), presyncope or any other form of dizziness. Dizziness can usually be categorised into one of four main groups:

Burning Feet after Bypass Surgery

 Hi. In July of '11 I died twice the same night from cardiac arrest. After quad bypass surgery, and beginning to come more and more from some of the strong meds for I guess keeping me sedated, I noticed a tremendous burning on the tops of both feet...neuropathy. The bottoms of my feet are both numb which makes it even stranger. I realize this isn't your specialty, but my ex brother in law had a heart attack and now he also has neuropathy, but his has now effected not only his feet, but he says it's advanced up to his knees. Do you know how or why we're both experiencing a nerve disorder, and a nerve disorder right after a cardiac event? And is there a cure for it that you're aware of? My personal Dr. can't give me any answers, and even the manufacturer of the medication I'm on for it, Gabapentin, can't tell me, or even tell me how the medication works. Anyway, any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated, and I'd LOVE to find some cure because I'm tired of not only the pain and numbness, but looking like I've been drinking heavily when I try to walk. Thank you.


Best of Cardiac & Heart Sites

CardiacHealth  has been listed as one of the "Best of Cardiac & Heart Sites" by Pacific Medical Training

"Cardiac perspectives from a heart surgeon"

In March 2013,  I participated in a Podcast and several articles, published as "New fronts in heart disease: perspectives from a heart surgeon" in the Digital Journal. In it, I had the opportunity to discuss advances in the the treatment and prevention of heart disease. These were the questions that I addressed during the interview. For the answers I chose from a large variety of topics, outlined below. Of course, this is a very incomplete list, but nonetheless it involved far more that what could be covered in a half-hour podcast:

Diabetes and spasms

I have been getting severe spasms everywhere,but a lot in my rib area I have been given muscle relaxers, 2.5 mil. valium and pain meds. but its not helping. could this be caused from my arteries? I have had a quad. bypass, and I'm diabetic. this has been going on over 2 years and getting worse. It's everyday all day long. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.I'm 59 years old also.

Hi Sue,
This could be  angina caused by more blockagesHowever, instead I believe this may be a complication of diabetes called diabetic neuropathyIf true, there are other options for treatment you should discuss with your doctor.

Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

Posted on February 21, 2013 - 6:46pm

Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question:

Don’t perform stress cardiac imaging or advanced non-invasive imaging in the initial evaluation of patients without cardiac symptoms unless high-risk markers are present.

Asymptomatic, low-risk patients account for up to 45 percent of unnecessary “screening.” Testing should be performed only when the following findings are present: diabetes in patients older than 40-years-old; peripheral arterial disease; or greater than 2 percent yearly risk for coronary heart disease events.

Don’t perform annual stress cardiac imaging or advanced non-invasive imaging as part of routine follow-up in asymptomatic patients.

Protecting the rights of concealed-weapons permit holders?

Where I live, on February 21, 2013 the issue of gun control resulted in an emergency session by the Maine Legislature, and a bipartisan resolution to enact a new law that will make identifying information of concealed-weapons permit holders private. It was the direct result of a perfectly legal request by a local newspaper last week for information on these permits. The resulting public furor, as well as a not-so subtle threat to withdraw advertising, prompted a hasty withdrawal of the request.


Raynaud's disease is a condition that causes smaller arteries that supply blood to your fingers and toes to spasm (narrow), limiting the local blood circulation. Women are more often affected than men. It's also more common in people who live in colder climates.

The future of healthcare in the US

On Healthcare:

What is the alternative to ObamaCare?  None has ever been proposed by the Republicans other than canceling it altogether.

Heart or GERD

please help!!!i was diagnosed with gerd and erosive gastritis almost 2 years ago. was free of meds since about 1 year. anyhow it seems it has come back with a vengeance!!! my esophagus hurts i wake up with mouth full of strange saliva i always have phlegm in my throat and I am on Protonix 1 x day !!!i sleep with elevated bed, i eat 2 meals a day and very light at that and wait 3 hrs before i go to bed. anyhow my question is this lately that my gerd is worse when i do my treadmill in the morning i get pains like you've scratched me in the back and in the front . naturally i am worried it could be my heart but when it happens my heart rate is fine i don't feel lightheaded i feel fine and it goes away even if i don't stop my exercise. this kind of pain sometimes comes without exercise too but i am buffled why . i try to exercise without even having had my pills(thyroxine, zurcazol) . the pain is not severe but i would like some reassurance . any thoughts/advice. i am 36fem hashimoto thyroiditis/had my annual heart check up last month - doc said i can exercise as usual she did an ekg and an echocardiogram, she saw some mild regurgitation but she said it's insignificant and i shouldn't use it as an excuse not to exercise . my resting heart is in the 50's when wake up in the morning and when i go to bed at night.do you think i need a stress test ? i had one done about 5 years ago.

Hi Tonia,

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