Worried about life after a heart attack

Hi, I am 35 and had a heart attack 18 months ago, due to high cholesterol. As a result I needed a stent in my RCA and have been told I have very mild disease in my LAD. my cardiologist told me I suffered next to no damage to my heart musle. My cholesterol is now under control. I was and am reasonably fit and have never smoked or been over weight.  I have had 3 normal stress tests since the MI. Can I live a normal life span if I continue to look after myself? and I experience the odd ectopic beat during rest and exercise which scares me. Should I be worried about ectopics? Thanks for your time 

You have a chronic disease called coronary artery disease (CAD), a complication of atherosclerosis. Although it is possible to slow down its progression, it is unlikely that it will stop and/or disappear. In addition you have a stent, which has a 10-15% failure rate and of course will not protect you against other blockages such as the one in your LAD if it gets worse.
Best course of action: live as healthy a lifestyle as possible, keep your cholesterol under control and get checked regularly.

See the live video session that I recorded on 4/25/2014 to discuss stenting in detail

The ectopics are probably not an issue, as demonstrated by the normal stress tests.

If you believe this answer helped, please consider a charitable contribution to the Portland Community Free Clinic, which provides free medical care to needy patients in the area.

Hope this helps,

Dr T



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