When CABG is your best option

I am 57 years old, I eat a healthy diet, I have exercised for many years, I am a non smoker, etc. and have just recently had my first stent procedure (one more to follow soon). My brother had a quad bi-pass at 50 (he is a year and a half older than me) and my mom had stent procedures starting in her 50's and a heart valve replacement at 73. After seeing your video and article on stent procedures versus other alternatives I am now questioning whether or not I should have the second stent procedure versus pushing for the bi-pass surgery. What guidance can you provide in regards to my options? Obviously the healthier lifestyle is not the fix in my case.

A choice of CABG vs. more stenting depends on many factors as I have explained not only in my video but many times:

When coronary artery bypass surgery is your best option

How long does a stent last? 

Thus, in your case, your choice depends on (recurrent) symptoms, whether your stent fails, or whether you have other blockages (and where), what your heart function is and your general health. I don't have enough information for a specific opinion.

Hope this helps.

Dr T


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