What happens after treatment for WPW syndrome?

Follow-up question: Thanks alot that really helps. One question, I had an ablation for wpw and they said i had dual av node pathway, the doc said he modified it. Is it possible for the arrythmia to make my heart beat weird for days? Like a week?  Even if my heart is beating at a normal rate?

You are very welcome. You haven't mentioned anything that suggests you have another arrhythmia. The things our patients don't tell us! I cannot judge from here how successful this ablation was. After an ablation for WPW, you should probably be seen in follow-up once in a while. If you have had repeated normal examinations, I recommend you have a routine consultation with your cardiologist on a yearly, two-yearly basis.

Read more about WPW here:
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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