What is the best treatment for extensive coronary artery disease?

Hi doctor, My dad has just undergone angiogram procedure and found out that he is having 3 blocks in his heart. According to 2 dr who i get oppinion based on d angiogram it is said that he shud get a bypass surgery. Im just wondering is there any other option rather than doing a bypass surgery. If there is so hw much relevent n succesfull is it. hoping for some clarity Dr. History : ex-smoker(1 year++), hypertension, diabetic n cholestrol patient but at the moment cholestrol under control with medication.

Yes, there are other options such as medications, diet & exercise (together called Optimal Medical Therapy or OMT) or stenting.

In patients with increasing symptoms, diabetes and three or more coronary artery blockages, Bypass surgery is by far the best treatment:

Risks and Benefits of PCI

Risks and Benefits of CABG

Optimal Medical Therapy, what is it anyway?

Medical therapy for stable coronary artery disease

Here is some professional literature about this:

Patients with 3-vessel disease should be operated!

Patients with 3-vessel disease should undergo PCI!

SYNTAX three year results

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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