Stress and chest pains in a 35 yo man

This weekend I had had stressful discussion and felt some pain in my mid chest very mild, BP 131/92 HR 86; I then had another stressful event at home, argument with wife yesterday and this morning and felt minor chest twinge in center of chest with the stress, sometimes going to right side of chest.  It came and went over the day and was mild and felt a little worse with eating pasta we. sauce.  BP 131/91 hr 80 but bP on wrist monitor' hit 140/98 HR 92.  I am obese 350 6'4 but muscular at 35 in good health with no problems now.  I My labs were goo 2 months ago and two years ago had complete work up, echo, stress, EKG, nuclear all good.  Only seems to appear with stress no problems when exercising, no arm pain or jaw pain.  Could it be stress, anxiety?  

It sounds like stress to me!
Of course there are many other reasons for chest pains:
Your 10 year risk for developing heart disease:
If as I suspect, your heart is not a problem at this point, it will become one in the coming years because of your weight, let alone stress and other factors your haven't told me about.
Things you can do now: Lose weight, your BMI=42, which qualifies you as morbidly obese, even if you are "muscular":
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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