Risks for Heart Disease when young

I was sitting working on some home work when I had a sharp pinching feeling slightly to the left of the center of my chest over my heart. The feeling lasted less than two minutes. About 30 mins later i had another one and shortly after i had a big burp. I continue to burp. I became hot not flushed but I have anxiety and the pain instantly flipped the switch to my anxiety. My anxiety has been pretty good lately but heart problemare a main worry for me. In the last year I have had a echo, ecg, I wore a halter monitor for 48 hours and everything was normal. My BP has been under control as well  I am 24  yo female overweight and Imy cholesterole is mid 200s last I knew. Is the stabbing chest pain a symptom of angina or a heart attack. Now that my anxiety is triggered I will continue to worry about it.  

Very unlikely to be related to your heart; think GI instead. That doesn't mean you are not at risk for heart disease with a high cholesterol and being overweight (which other risks do you have?).

If you are like so many other young people at risk for developing heart disease, you probably have a number of bad heart-health habits that include a poor diet, insufficient physical activity and smoking exposure - to name a few. For more information, read this review!

Start with caculating your BMI and your risk for developing heart disease, then try to change to a healthy diet and exercise schedule. It will help with your anxiety problems as well!

Hope this helps,

Dr T


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