Red wine and hypertension

I read the many positive effects of drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine idea, such as raising HDL and lowering risk for heart disease.  But I'm conflicted on the BP issue.  I have read that 1-2 glasses/day will lower overall BP but in the immediate time you start drinking it raises your BP.  My normal BP is generally 120/80, sometimes I run 125/80 or as low as 115/72.  3-4 hours after my 1 glass of red last night I was 135/85. So is it a good practice as far as BP goes, given it might raise your BP in the short run but lower it overall in the long run? 

Hi Meghann,
You are confusing two separate issues: the health effect of moderate red wine consumption (one glass for women, two for men/day, also shown to decrease the risk of diabetes) with your condition, which is called pre-hypertension. It means you should review your other risks for developing heart disease to see what you can change in your life style. You can also do a cardiac risk assessment to check your cardaic health.
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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