Pregnant and short of breath

im pregnant 39 wks and all thru my pregnancy ive been breathless and my heart rate has been fast at rest its now 98 at rest some  days is this normal???? my consultant reckons it is cos my blood pressure is normal and has been right thru pregnancy but when i start to walk i feel so breathless and its not right cos i have to use an inhaler and i aint even got asthma. pls help thanks

It may not be anything serious, but I recommend you have it checked further. Although pregnancy puts an extra burden on your heart, that's what you are built for!

I am concerned this might be a sign of fluid overload or congestive heart failure that occasionally is a complication of pregnancy. I just wrote a blog about this:

You need to check whether you are at risk for PPCM!

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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