Palpitations and shortness of breath

Im a 40 y/o, otherwise healthy adult male. After a long period of palpitations and a high resting heart rate, I saw a cardiologist who performed a ekg and prescribed a 30 day holter monitor. All findings were normal. I still experience some shortness of breath and really fast heart rate when climbing stairs. Would the cardiologist be able to find an enlarged heart on a ekg and 30 day holter monitor? I want to thank you for your service
Hi Henry,
You haven't told me anything about your cardiac risks. If present that will dictate what other steps need to be taken. If you are not just out of shape, and your symptoms palpitatiion related, you should ask for an echocardiogram and/or stress test. The EKG and Holter tests will not tell much about your heart function or possible coronary artery disease.
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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