Optimal treatment of coronary artery disease

I am having 90-95 % of block in both branches of LAD and 60% of block in RCA. Also have medically controlled normal diabetic,hpertension and cholestrol. Dr. sujested angioplasty; should it be cured by medication ? I have under gone EDTA  chelation therapy and took 20 days (twice a week-EDTA+VIT-C,etc;)  

Whether you need a procedure such as stents or a coronary artery bypass operation or just optimal medical therapy, depends  on your symptoms, the results of a stress test and your specific coronary artery anatomy, all of which combine to what is the best solution in your case. All three options can be appropriate, just know that EDTA therapy is unlikely to help you! 

Here you can view a video I made in April 2014 that answers this question in detail.

Hope this helps,

Dr T


A heart healthy life such as yours is optimal for limiting progression of coronary artery disease. However, it will not reverse the process of atherosclerosis and it is possible to have a recurrence/stent failure in your RCA and/or worsening lof your LAD stenosis as well as in other arteries. 

Diclofenac is used for treatment of your arthritis.

Hope this helps,

Dr T


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