New arrhythmias in older patients

 I have been having trigeminal pacs for two weeks now.  This is new onset for me and is causing me a lot of anxiety and discomfort and maybe an occasional dizziness and chest soreness from the "pounding of my heart." I have gone to a physician and awaiting lab results. They also suggest a stress test.  I was going to request an echocardiogram.  In the meantime I was hoping you could relieve my anxiety because I am worrying so much.  I am an RN with 17 years experience on a cardiac floor so my knowledge is probably not helping my anxiety.  I am a 55 year of female.  Otherwise very healthy and this started two weeks ago and has not stopped.  Thank you!  

New onset arrhythmias in someone your age are often associated with coronary artery disease, best evaluated with a stress ECHO and possibly a CTCA. Until these the test are known, it is impossible to predict what the best treatment will be.

Hope this helps,

Dr T





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