My stents failed within days after treatment for a heart attack

I had a heart attack 2.5 weeks ago. Next day 3 stents were placed in right coronary artery. Pressure became constant. Went in for more stents in left coronary and was told the right stents had totally closed up. Dr was not able to penetrate any of the 3. He did not place more in right side. So now I am on additional medicines. What can I expect as far as my recovery? Never knew I had heart problems until heart attack. Only other thing I have is hypertension. Dr said diet and exercise will reduce if not cure this problem along with additional arteries growing above blockage and trying to reattach to right artery below blockage. Have you ever heard of that happening?  

The right coronary artery is totally blocked, but its downstream portion is filled backwards from the Left coronary artery's major branch, the LAD.

  • Re: additional arteries growing above blockage, it is called "collateral flow" and it may yet happen. However, it is not as effective as a normal blood flow. Your doctor should have told you that a heart healthy lifestyle and medications may prevent your Coronary Artery Disease from worsening. It will NOT improve!
  • For whatever reason, when treated for your heart attack, your stents failed, not unusual and occurring 10-15% within the first year, even then requiring medications to prevent this from happening. You probably should have a coronary bypass operation and may still need one. 

Hope this helps,

Dr T

Image from: Toshiro Matsunaga, et al: Angiostatin is negatively associated with coronary collateral growth in patients with coronary artery disease. Am. J. Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology,1 May 2005.



Hi Subhash,

Progressive CAD occurs! Often, it is associated with other cardiac risks such as diabetes. Whether or not you need anopther procedures depends on what is found when you are examined. No matter what is found, you need to live as heart healthy a lifestyle as possible!

Hope this helps,

Dr T

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