My heart is gurgling after my bypass

I had a 5 bypass surgery 9 weeks ago. I  have been getting this gurgling sensation in my heart, and I check my BP it is usually pretty normal for me 130's/80's/70's. My blood pressure seems to go higher at night, and I take some additional meds. I was on Multaq, for afib, but off it now, as my afib has become normal. I'm also having problems sleeping, even with 2 10 mg ambien. I'm 63 and weigh 225lbs. Thank you, Don

Hi Don,

When a coronary artery bypass procedure is performed, your heart sack (pericardium) needs to be opened. Afterwards, the pericardium is usually not closed, and for awhile afterwards your heart will "feel different". The gurgling sound probably represents a little bit of fluid between your heart and chest wall. It will disappear with time and is not an indication of problems. When you read this section on heart surgery recovery, you will probably find some other things that are similar to what you experience.

Hope this helps,
Dr T



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