My five year old child has 1st degree avb with long QTI

My 5 year old daughter went in for an EKG to rule out relations with her minor hearing loss last week.  We were informed that she has a 1st degree avb with a possible prolonged QT Interval.  We have a repeat EKG and an Echo scheduled with a pediatric cardiologist, but it won't be for 5 weeks.  I understand that the 1st degree avb is a prolonged PR interval, but am unsure of how that would correlate withe the prolonged QTI.  Is it possible that the two problems will combine into a larger problem like a 2nd or 3rd degree avb?

The reason for these tests is that a long QT interval can cause dangerous rhythms, and your daughter needs to be tested to see whether she is at risk. I wouldn't worry about the AV Block , it will be sorted out with evaluation of the QT interval.
You can read more here:
Skipped beats:
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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