An MI comlicated by AF and congestive heart failure

Hi. My husband had his 5th heart attack on the 17th of Sept.He said this one hurt more than all the others. Do you know what makes that happen? This one was on the back side of the heart if that makes a difference.During the hosp stay, he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure.He is on Amiodorone and Lasix. He says every time he takes a deep breath he gets a pain in his chest.I called his primary Dr and all UI got was "If it gets worse he can go to the hosp otherwise, you have an appt on the 12th (of December)Can you tell me why he keeps getting the sharp pain? I worry about him.

Hi Joyce,
This sounds like a pleuritic type of pain. This can caused by a lung problem, but also by an inflammation following a heart attack, called Dressler Syndrome.

Whatever the cause, he shouldn't wait to see a doctor, so you must insist, go to a local ER or change to a doctor who is more attentive.
An MI that is complicated by AF and a form of heart failure called congestive heart failure, is serious business and should get a lot of attention in order to prevent other complications!

Hope this helps
Dr T


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