Left ventricular hypertrophy on my EKG

I get intermittent pains on my chest (sometimes centre, but most times left side above breast, just toward my left armpit), arm, neck, angle of jaw, left leg, left shoulder blade, shoulder, elbow, palm, last and ring finger. These pains come separately, sometimes, chest and neck pain come together. It is so confusing. I am on Losartan because I panic a lot. My doctors are confused. I have panic disorder and stomach ulcer. The pain is dull of firing. I started omprazole treatment few days ago (20mg daily) on my own. Other times I cannot distinguish between panic symptoms and heart trouble symptoms. The pain doesn't depend on exertion. It can come on once I am getting scared. The pain can last for a few minutes or a few hours or some days. But it has been on since August 19, 2012. Thanks sir. I appreciate you. Moreover what am I to do concerning the ECG report? May I repeat it elsewhere? Are ECGs always right in their assertions? If I were having a panic attack the day I had the ECG, could it give an exaggerated result resembling the one it gave me above?

Your EKG is consistent with chronic cardiac changes caused by hypertension and will not be affected by panic! You are treated with Losartan, medication used in the treatment of hypertension.
Hypertension that causes these type of changes on your EKG exposes you to increased risks of heart attack and stroke.
I suspect you have other cardiac risks as well. Check them out with this cardiac risk assesment tool.
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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