I feel like a truck sits on my chest

Since Christmas if i walk just about 10 minutes i have trouble breathing  and my heart is racing when i climb up stairs i feel like a truck is on my chest and i can not breath been in and out of hospital stress test with medicines they had to stop it to give me oxygen 21 years ago they found valve back fires my dad died at 48 heart attack my brother age 38 died from same thing his artery look like a 90 year old if i do nothing i am fine when i get up in morning i am light headed and have to lay down help i am so sick and tired it is not worth living

You need to see your doctor. I am concerned you have not only heart disease but some degree of heart failure and you need an evaluation now!

You may read more here:
You can check your risk for heart disease here:
If heart failure is true, read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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