Early Repolarization on my EKG

i was diagnosed with Early Repolarization Pattern. Can this be caused by low HDL? how do i manage my condition?
  1. Early repolarization on your EKG may indicate that you may be at risk for:
    • Coronary Artery Disease, or
    • Potentially dangerous arrhythmias  that may increase your risk of sudden cardiac death. Luckily this is quite rare and a risk only in a few patients with findings of early repolarization.  There are many persons who fit such a picture but do not appear to have any excess risk. You can click here to calculate your risk for heart disease.
  2. A low LDL increases your risk for heart disease.
  3. In your case you probably should consult a cardiologist whether you are at risk for heart disease or such an arrhythmias and if so, what preventive measures can be taken. To evaluate this a Holter monitor and/or a stress ECHO may be needed.

Hope this helps,

Dr T


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