Diastolic dysfunction with trace pulmonary insufficiency

Hi; Is left ventricular diastolic dysfunction with trace pulmonary insufficiency beginning stage of heart failure? I am 41 and was just hospitalized for bad chest pain. I also have sob when active. Weakness in arms and legs. I also have moderate sleep apnea. My docs had me on Beta Blocker Topril 25 mg since 08'.But don't seem to be concerned with my symptoms. I feel I should seek out a Cardiologist who will listen. Thank you for any info.  

Heart failure is usually associated with some form of cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that may becomes stretched (enlarged) or abnormally thick or rigid. Sometimes extensive scarring occurs.

There are three types of cardiomyopathy:

Heart failure is an assessment of whether there is any loss of function. Judging your symptoms, I would classify this as very early heart failure.

This is certainly a good time to do whatever you can to stop worsening of each. Since i don't know the background of your complaints, I suggest you look at what cardiac risk factors you change. Calculate them here.

Hope this helps,

Dr T


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