CT Findings of an enlarged pulmonary artery

I had a CT on my chest to check my lungs for post chemo damage (22 years chemo and disease free)  findings were 1 cyst, 2 small calcified areas and 1 tiny abnormal focus area withn the lungs.  My Oncologist said that these could be from anything even damage from a bad flu virus from years ago. However the CT also noted that there was an enlargment of the pulmonary trunk at the bifuraction of 3.2cm. I have had previous echos and all were normal except for possible diastolic dysfunction.Is this enlargment cause of concern or could it be an artifact?  I beleive the scan was a 64slice CT as the scan took around 1 minute from the time they started taking images.

Hi Lucas,
Your CT scan is accurate. However, I agree with your doctor. The way forward is to repeat the scan in another 6 months-year and check for further changes.
The pulmonary artery size should be correlated with your ECHO results and repeated if there is any concern about progression of the diastolic dysfunction or pulmonary hypertension.

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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