Could this be angina?

hello, i am 37fem with 3 kids. lately i have been experiencing odd pains in my chest/back(occasionally and scared it's angina. specifically, started few weeks ago, i went for my pap test and got nervous when waiting i started feeling like "water" running in my chest and i believe i had acid reflux. then on friday, i was on the bus with my kids and i started having pains like bruising up in my chest , got scared but tried to brush it off. yesterday i was washing my terrace when i had pains again in my chest, then all day my chest (esophagus) and neck area hurt but not at the same pain level. got to sleep with a terrible migraine woke up ok i decided to exercise in my treadmill, was feeling fine fine fine but after i finished and got off i had pain in my upper back no other feeling whatsoever. i did some jumping jacks etcc. and felt a bit of pain again when i sit down it went away. i know this is the description of angina but could it be my esophagitis? i neglected my meds and diet all winter and have been taking my meds again for about a month now. could it be angina with normal to low cholesterol/high hdl very low triglykerides , negative heart disease in family etc...? i had no other symptoms except in the morning when i woke up i had a burning tongue. i am of normal weight don't smoke or drink, stay away of sugar and fatty foods and exercise as much as i can with 3 kids. no edema anywhere. as i am writing this i am very very scared !!! i have hashimots thyroiditis, gastritis and esophagitis , mild mitral prolapse, had a heart check up last year, was given the all clear. would be grateful for any info.
Hi Tonia,
It is unlikely to be your heart or angina, but with your history of GI problems, I suspect another problem such as esophageal spasm may be an issue. This can only be resolved with an examination and appropriate testing.
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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