Chestpain and shortness of breath

I have been using apprinox and atenolol for 5 years now. Recently I have developed pain coming from my left chest to left arm continuous not affected by my dep breath or normal breathing. I only sleep on my right side due to that pain. I have shortness of breath and cant walk for more than 15 minutes without feeling heavy chest. I recently took ECG, results were normal, Echo results were as follows: GOOD LV FUNCTION, NORMAL CARDIAC CHAMBERS/VALVES,NO PERICE EFFUSION OR THROMBOSIS, CONCENTRIC LVH,CONCLUSION: LVH HT, MILD MR. dR.PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHAT EXACTLY DOES THOSE RESULT MEAN TO ME AND WHAT MEASURES SHOULD i TAKE? MY DR. PRESCRIBED ATACAND AFTER THE RESULTS FOR 1 MONTH, i HAVE BEEN TAKING THE MEDICINE FOR A WEEK i STILL FEEL ALL THE SYMPTOMS.

Your symptoms are very suggestive of what is called angina caused by a blocked coronary artery:

The cardiac ECHO indicate you seem to have a normal heart function with as only mild abnormality LVH, the result of high blood pressure. Patients can have severe coronary artery disease with a normal EKG and ECHO. This is best tested with a stress ECHO as opposed to the one at rest you got.

You can read more here:

Depending on the outcome of a stress ECHO, you may need a cardiac cath:
I would not be surprised if your doctors would one or more blockages in your coronary arteries!

Meanwhile, you can check your symptoms and your risk for heart disease here:

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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