Best treatment for triple vessel coronary artery disease

Diagnosed with triple vessel disease. LAD- type IV vessel. 70%-80% stenosis inproximal part. 80%-90% long segment stenosis in mid part. 60%-70% stenosis in distal part after origin D4. 80%-90% stenosis inosteoproximalpart of D4. LCX- Co-dominant. 90% stenosis in osteoproximal part of OM4. RCA- co-dominant. 70%-80% stenosis in distal part before bifurcation. The age of the patient is 74. What should be the best treatment for this age? How risky would this be? what can be the alternative of CABG?

In most cases, coronary artery bypass surgery will be the best treatment, depending on heart function and other illnesses (called co-morbidities). His age of 74, diabetes, hypertension and smoking are minor risk factors that were routinely present in the patients I operated at the time. The surgical risk for not surviving in an otherwise healthy patient would be about 1%, meaning that 99% of patients can be expected would do well barring complications (less than 10% risk). 

Hope this helps,

Dr T


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