Abnormal heart beats in an athlete

I am a runner and workout on a regular basis. I have a resting heart rate of 44 and that's been normal to me. However recently I have noticed that when I am at complete rest sitting up or laying in bed, I have a delay heart beat once in awhile and it scares me because I'm wondering when my next heart beat is coming, the time of delay feels as though atleast one beat should be in that void if not 2. It only happens at rest, when my heart rate is above 50, etc.. I feel normal rhythm. I'm currently on no medications.  

I doubt anything serious is happening, but it it is more and more common to evaluate athletes for arrhythmias these days. In recent studies, high intensity sports have shown to trigger cardiac arrest in those athletes who were affected by cardiovascular conditions predisposing to life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias during physical exercise.
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Hope this helps,
Dr T


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